Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who killed Suleiman?

Without getting in to the details of the case, I think the murder of Suleiman deserves a political reflection.
All those who stoked the racist fires (and not just Norman Lowell) should feel just a bit responsible for creating a climate in which the life of an immigrant was lost.
This case was a blatant example of how some lives are seen to be more equal than others.
I would like to thank Moviment Graffitti for once again acting as the soul of the nation by organising next Saturday's protest.
I will be there. I hope hundreds of moderate, christian and civic minded citizens will also join.


  1. 1. The man was killed due to some bouncers who think they're above the law and are always itching for a fight.

    2. More specifically, and less relevantly, he was killed by one punch to the face. So it was mostly a case of a punch "gone wrong", rather than an intentional killing.

    3. It is funny, perhaps not an adjective to use here, that when a black person is possibly guilty of something, most leftists go on long tirades of excuses about society and racism and provocation, but when a black person is a victim of a crime, it's always clearly racially-motivated. And you're supposed to be the colour-blinded folk, yeah.

    4. Moviment Graffitti is not the soul of anything (though possibly you meant conscience?). Moviment Graffitti is simply building its pro-globalist, pro-immigration case from a case that is hardly relevant to its agendas. The only citizens joining you will be left-minded ones, as I'm sure you know.

  2. iddur mal-lewza biex tiggustifika lingustifikabbli.....

  3. ghal jeangove qed nghid.... jekk tal-lemin iridu jibqghu id dar ma tkunx xi haga gdida...

  4. M'hemm xejn ġustifikabbli hawn u xejn ma ippruvajt niġġustifika.